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Wide ranging menu that tantalizes the taste buds

Cooking is an art, and our chefs know how to make this art both delicious and healthy so that your taste buds crave for more. With a little effort and a lot of inspiration from Indian cuisine, we blend exotic flavours to prepare authentic delicacies. We are sure that our food will bring a smile to your face satisfaction to your cravings instantly.

And don’t worry, our delicious cuisine service isn’t just limited to Indian food; we also have a tempting menu of Italian cuisine that is enough to make you drool.

What’s more, we at Paratha2pasta take special care while preparing the meals. All the food safety protocols are thoroughly followed in our kitchen and entire restaurant. This means you no longer have to worry about your and your family’s health when ordering food from our kitchen.

What makes Paratha2pasta special?

1 – Creative chefs

Food is something that can be made tastier by using creativity. Our chefs at Paratha2pasta have no shortage of creativity.

Check our Paratha Menu to know what we mean when we say we have creative chefs. From Paratha to Chaat, spring rolls, biryani and even our Frankie rolls have multiple variations. This also means we are capable of meeting everyone’s expectations in your family.

2 – Finest ingredients

Another thing that makes food tastier is the ingredients. We believe in sourcing everything from vegetables to spices, oil, chicken, flour, bread, etc., locally to let the local business grow.

We ensure that every ingredient added in the food we prepare is fresh and of high quality, therefore serving you a lavish platter of tasty food.

3 – Experience

At Paratha2pasta, every person involved, from cooking to serving you the food, has years of experience in the food industry. We deliver more than just good food; we deliver the best experience and better quality every day.

Our staff ensures to take proper care of your food from the beginning to serve you hot, healthy and delicious food with zero compromises. 

4 – Best service

Our Indian restaurant in Surrey isn’t just limited to dine-in; we offer delivery services, too. This means you can order your favourite fast food from our menu and get your food delivered to your doorstep with a minuscule delivery charge.

You can also order for pick-up service. Just ensure to let our sales representative know when you will be picking the order. 

5 – Wide variety cuisine

If you want a one-stop hub for your Indian and Italian food craving, then Paratha2Pasta is your go-to. Our menu has everything from Parathas to Biryani, soya chaap, chaat, spring rolls, sandwich, quesadilla, burger, seekh tikkas and a lot more.

We also serve tempting Indian desserts like Kheer, Samiya, Gulab Jamun, Suji Halwa, Rasmalai, Phirni and name a few.

Our ice cream menu also has dandi wali kulfi to make you feel nostalgic instantly.

6 – Authentic dishes

Even though we have a significant amount of cuisines, desserts and drinks on our list, our professional chefs ensure to maintain the authenticity of every dish.

We follow traditional recipes to prepare every cuisine so that you can feel nostalgic and crave more. Taste, quality and experience are the three things we never compromise with. 

How does Paratha2pasta take care of safety in times of COVID-19?

After COVID-19, everyone wants to keep themselves and their family safe. So, we at Paratha2Pasta follow complete food safety guidelines shared by the government. Everything from the kitchen to the dining area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by our cleaning staff.

Our professional chefs wear the proper uniform, have their masks on when cooking and use gloves wherever necessary. Even our on-floor staff ensures everything they do results in a better and safe environment inside the restaurant.

We ensure that when you visit an Indian restaurant to munch on delicious food, you will leave with a smile and content belly.

What’s more?

As an Indian, you must have searched for Paratha near me multiple times. If you weren’t so lucky to locate the best place for your paratha cravings, then it should end once you visit us.

We bring you a plethora of Tawa Parathas, just like your mum must have made for you in your childhood. And don’t worry, we also have that “teekhi chutney” you love the most with your Aloo Paratha.

Just order something that you want from our menu; we will do everything within our limit to deliver you delicious, hot and healthy food on time. You can also stop by at the restaurant to indulge in Italian delicacies like pasta, quesadillas and more.

So, wait no more and visit us or give us a call to book your favourite food today!

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